Near Life Experience

Well, actually, this was a near death experience. Many years ago, a friend came to me and asked me to look after his wife. After she died, and we might call that a “near death experience” but she was certainly not with us, she wrote a book, and is now living in the USA, and travelling the world. I think it sheds a remarkable light on the topic of cancer, and death – really, on the topic of “what is life?”. It took me 5 years before I had the strength to read her book, but here it is:

It may well happen that I can meet up with Anita and Danny again. That will be such a great pleasure. She is truly a remarkable woman, and Danny, as an incredibly loving and supportive husband, who stood by her through terrible times, is no less remarkable. I love them both.

Just imagine recovering from a devastating disease, and then translating that into life-enhancing experiences for thousands of people all around the globe? And also consider this: if her disease was non-survivable, and yet she survived, what is that disease we call cancer? Go on, read the book, you know you want to.

And no. I do not have the answer.

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