Being Alive

Just imagine for a moment. Take a luxurious moment to just sit and feel. Imagine you are experiencing a day on holiday. Relaxed, free, you can do whatever you like whenever you like because this is your time.

Look in your minds eye over an expanse of grass leading down to deep-blue, calm water of a small lake, and imagine the cool water on a hot day. Smell the mown grass, and take a deep imaginary breath of fertile soil under blooming roses off to one side, and the scent of pine trees warming in the sun. Feel soft grass under your feet and between your toes. Sitting at a late breakfast, you sip coffee – can you smell it? Bite a croissant and feel the crispy texture, taste butter. You know that you will walk down to that water, and rest your body in the shallows, feeling cool in the late morning warmth.

If you like, you can make that image just as real as if you were there right now. How powerful is the human brain. You can wander in your memories and recreate beautiful events from yesterday or 10 years ago. If you choose to, you can instantly recreate a scene of delight just by scenting an aroma which whisks you in an instant back to the event.

I am always saddened when I meet people who, even if they are technically speaking alive, nevertheless are as if dead. Wracked with fears, unable to take action because of worries a mistake might have happened. They see the ocean, but do not jump in because there may be sharks. A beautiful park to roam in, but there may be snakes. An illness is present, but the remedy might cause a side effect.  A lovely person at a party, but unable to approach because they might reject us.

There are so many areas in life where we create the issues that hinder us, but then we blame the issues for limiting our lives. Always an excuse, but never a solution.

The problem lies not in the issues, not in the current state of our lives, but rather in letting the brain create images which run counter to our desires. Our emotions then rule us, depression and fear rule. But think back to the opening lines. Could you feel that grass? Taste that coffee?

This leads us to look at how we might begin to recapture our true lives, how we might break free of the self-imposed shackles. I think I will mention this often, so let me stop here and tease you with the acronym – NLP.  Neurolinguistic Programming.

There is a wealth of information on managing our perceptions and emotions. And yes, these same emotions can control how we nourish ourselves, manage our exercise needs, and arrange our mental harmony. Are you bored yet?


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