What is it all about? What is the meaning of life?

That is probably a good place to start to consider basic questions of wellness. I mean to say, who are we, really? Are we just a repository of organs, brought to sentient life by the power of a nervous system, evolved over aeons from the primordial soup, all stemming from a Big Bang? Or are we – let us get religious here – created in the likeness of God some 6,000 years ago, so be proven worthy of eternal life or eternal damnation?

Personally speaking, I think neither of these. All I do know – truly KNOW – is that we are not who we think we are.

You may disagree, but let us look scientifically at who we are. Carbon-based organisms. But each of our carbon atoms originated in a star somewhere, and probably two neighbouring carbon atoms arose in different stars.


As if that fact alone were not mesmerising, of those carbon atom nuclei, the protons and neutrons can be broken down to smaller particles, and each of those can be broken down to the fundamental basic units, which are … wave forms. So technically we are distortions of the space-time equation, and energetic beings which, according to the laws of physics, cannot be created or destroyed, merely altered.

I will let that sink in before writing some more. Or deleting the post. Whatever!

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