Regaining Wellness?

It is all very well talking about wellness, but how do you regain wellness?

The inevitable fact is that we all die. The real question must be – “how am I living?” And that leads to question what action we need to be taking RIGHT NOW that leads us into a better state of wellness than we currently enjoy.

There is a second question, and that is to ask which of the available actions will give us the most wellness “bang” for the least effort/money/time “buck”?

In actual fact, for physical health alone, there is one simple, cheap and effective approach to improving wellness.  The answer? Stop putting stuff into your body that does the body harm.

If you smoke – stop. If you eat junk food – stop. If you don’t exercise – start. If you drink alcohol – consider the amount consumed. And stop.

Monetary cost for the above? About zero. Effort cost – yes, time cost – yes.

All of the other approaches, all of them, will be enhanced if these above measures are implemented.


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  1. And I should also add – drink more water!

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