Brain power

It stunned me to read this story about the transformation of a man. The story is available on the BBC news site (Link here – )

Short story? A hit on the head (not a recommended therapeutic approach) transformed an ordinary underachieving man into a mathematical savant.


Why do I find this interesting? Well, who wouldn’t? We hear the stories of wonderful things happening, some might call them miracles. People awaken from a coma and find they have suddenly developed a skill. Speaking a foreign language, for example, or stunningly, a man who recovered from a major brain injury, and needed to play the piano, an urge that had to be satisfied, even though prior to the stroke he could not play the piano.

What is this thing we call the brain?

And what are we doing to prevent the brain from achieving the almost limitless wonders we are seeing from these cases?

I will collect my thoughts (aka getting my brain into gear) and continue this at a later date. Meanwhile, if you have any thoughts, let me know!




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