Cancer and the Power of the Mind

I am writing an eBook about cancer just now. About time too, I say. Perhaps just because I am now actively writing, it always seems that I am engaged in discussions which always seem to have a link to cancer. That might also be because there is such a lot of cancer throughout our society. Sobering thought, that!

One thing is abundantly clear to me. The presence or absence of a diagnoseable disease is not particularly relevant. After all, there is not a one of us who will come out of this alive. The relevant matter is the extent to which we are truly living. Being alive is one thing, but am I living well?

One vivid recollection comes to me of a day when I saw a young lady in the clinic, who felt completely unwell. There was not a thing wrong that I or anyone else could find. Much had been investigated, but apart from the fact that she came from a family that was devastated by a spiritual vampire, there was nothing wrong with her physical health.

(I realise I need to explain a bit more about spiritual vampires – stay tuned.)

Later that day I visited a gentleman who had untreatable cancer of the prostate. Not quite terminal, but that was the direction. He was digging in his garden, it was a beautiful and balmy spring day. He wiped the sweat away from his 65 year old brow and replied to my question, “I’m fine doc! How are you?”

Of these two, I ask, which one was ill?

It is not just a passing question. Observation has shown time and again that outcomes for illness, and here I focus on cancer, are materially improved with a positive mindset. Yes, death is inevitable, but how are you living?


If we are able to tap into the massive reserves of our mental wellness, we are able to significantly alter outcomes. Again, more on that later!


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