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If anyone is wondering what I am doing – and why would you? – I am busy working on the first draft of my book about managing cancer.

I do not know how many books about cancer are out there. Mine is a little bit different. Are you surprised? No, I thought not. You can look at such books in two different categories: medical and lay. The medical books are of course more for the professional, either for a GP or a specialist of some category. The language may be dense, and sometime you wonder if the writer is a bit dense as well. The books written for a lay audience are of a huge spectrum. What is different about my book?

It is written for a non-medical audience in general, but more specifically for a group of people who are content to travel their own path. I specifically encourage the reader to demand sovereignty over their own health, and not to allow themselves to be rail-roaded down the path of doing what they are told.

That attitude is hated by some doctors. I strongly recommend that if you feel you are being pushed, bullied, coerced, or otherwise forced to conform to someone else’s preferred behaviour, you calmly restate your demand for control over your own health. Be prepared to walk away and find another specialist who will work with you as you journey towards improved health.

Radical, I know!

My first draft should be near complete by mid-July. I have promised my accountability partner this, and so I am making a public statement. Hold me to it as well!

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  1. Adrienne Whyte says: Reply

    Your Cancer Book sounds fabulous
    Love your approach to health and wellbeing
    – nothing dense about this.
    Can’t wait until it is completed and published.

  2. Wow Dr Walker, will be looking forward to your upcoming book, very excited for you!

    It is great to see a medical doctor writing this topic with a different angel.

    My dad was closed to death around 14 years ago – I got a called from mom to go home (Hong Kong) as the Dr said they couldn’t do anything for him – his cancer was too advanced and he was “too old” for operation (he was less than 70– too old?). I refused this diagnosis and got a second opinion – he had a big operation and he was in ICU for sometime but he survived and he is still well an living today!

    Looking forward to speak to you soon.

    Kindest regards,

    Angela Kwok (Pharmacist, Cunderdin Pharmacy )

    1. Hi Angela

      I loved your story. Thank you. We could share a lot of stories about the cancer industry. We should meet up, especially as we need medication reviews in Kununoppin!

      Be happy! Stay well!


      1. Thank you Dr Brain.

        My husband and myself go to Perth quiet frequently, around twice a month ( our house is in Joondalup)

        There is surely lots of issues in the medical fields, totally agree – poly pharmacy is what I see all the time!

        Wellness (prevention) is better than cure and patients need to be educated on this!

        Sure it will be nice to meet up – I like Fremantle.

        My contact details:

        Mobile 0457007225

        Hope to catch up soon.

        Angela Kwok
        Cunderdin Pharmacy

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