Sitting here on a Saturday evening, my mind wanders over the last week. And the last months. Does it ever seem to you as if time flies by, that a week is like a day, a month like a week, and my goodness! It is almost Christmas again. And what do we have to show for it?

If you feel like this, then I am reasonably certain that the cause is not the mere fact of getting older, but is inextricably linked to the fact that life is being lived aimlessly. We like to float through life, taking each day as it comes, perhaps aspiring to new horizons, but never actually doing the work needed to get to where we want to be.

Really? Of course we are working hard. In fact, it is exhausting. And we are tired, hence there is not enough time or energy left to plan for the next brave steps forward. I am sad to say, this way of thinking is wrong.


We need to realise that our true nature is one of a spiritual being. We are not bodies with a soul, we are souls which have a body. I forget who said that, but it is well worth plagiarising. (CS Lewis is one source, Paul Coelho another, but it appears to have been mentioned in the early 19th Century as well)

Our first work must be not physical – we know from bitter experience that we can work hard, to the point of exhaustion, but somehow, at the end of the month, nothing much has changed. Our first work is within the mind. Focus on changing thoughts, and our perception of reality changes, and then reality itself transforms. Books have been written on this, I will not paraphrase. But if you want to discover more, I cannot but highly recommend the book by Esther and Jerry Hicks from Hay House: “Ask and it is Given”

With that recommendation in mind, and looking at short term actions, I will recommend the practice of meditation. Before I hear shouts of anguish, that such is the way to perdition for following eastern religious practices – and I would strongly disagree with that whole mindset! – I remind the reader of the mention of prayer AND meditation within ALL religious practices. Perhaps we should give it a go?

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