What Wonders Await?

Have you ever wondered at times about the way things just … change? Somehow it seems that you are looking at yourself from outside, and seeing events unfold as if they are being propelled by an unseen hand. Such has been my experience in the recent weeks.

You might have noticed that my page has changed a little. Also that I have been silent – a bit like a duck on the water; quiet on the surface, feet paddling for dear life beneath water level.

If ever you find yourself in this situation, sit back and be thankful. The universe is bringing you closer to your desires. If you find that the events are not what you really desired, then know that your job can now be focused into creating the outcomes you truly desire. It is not a matter of the universe getting it wrong, but of your constructive thoughts not being aligned with your true desires. So be thankful, and change what needs to be changed.

What about me? My desire is to encourage the world to pay more attention to the causes of good health and wellness, and turn away from all that leads us to a less happy life. The core of which is correct nutrition, good exercise and abundant mental wellness.

Unfolding before me is an understanding of what needs to be done, so please bear with me as small changes are being made. It will all be well. Trust the universe.

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