What am I waiting for?

Every year we are reminded of the passing of time, and we are encouraged to make resolutions for the coming year. And every year we make grand decisions which last a week or so, and vanish into the great void of unfulfilled desires. Does anyone think that is a healthy thing to do?

I suspect we all know the answer to that. What, then, is the solution?

One answer is to disregard completely the implied imperative of New Year’s Resolutions. I like that idea just a little, but it does mean that we have not taken stock of the past, and not attempted to manage the future.

My preferred solution is a little more challenging. Make every day a new year. Indeed, every day IS a new year. Recognise this, accept this fact, free yourselves from the tyranny of the Gregorian (or any) calendar, and live for this very moment.

This is a part of mindfulness. Today is the day I can do something. I cannot do anything yesterday, I cannot do anything tomorrow. Now is the time. What I can do NOW is to start the day well. I am taking part in “The Miracle Morning” following the advice of Hal Elrod. That is a wonderful way to begin the day. And at the end of the day, we can make a list of the actions we are going to take the following day, so that each day is lived in the moment, purposefully, taking steps – especially small steps – each of which lead us closer to our goal.

So let us agree to abandon New Year Resolutions, and instead, commit to daily resolutions. Let us make each new dawn the start of a new year.

Happy New Year!

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