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As many of you know, I made a declaration last year that I was no longer prepared to continue tolerating what passes for normal orthodox medicine. Now don’t get me wrong. There is a lot of good in the world of medical science and practice. Such good science is being done, advances appear daily, and I have nothing but praise for the dedication and devotion of my colleagues.

But I also recognise that there is much that is lacking. In a world where doctors are chosen by their academic grades, but not their humanity, we see disconnect. Where curricula are guided by pecuniary interests, we see limited thinking. Where bureaucrats define situations and the required actions to limit risk of litigation, we see an inability to think outside the box. And this means we are losing the art of medicine.

One area where this appears is an inability to recognise where alternatives may offer improvements in options. Recall, please, how castigated was Dr Barry Marshall for daring to suggest that Helicobacter pylori might be involved in gastric ulcers, and how sanctions were being considered. It took major scientific honours to effect a rethink in the medical hierarchy here. Take, for example, the ease with which we can prescribe opiates and opioids, dangerous drugs with major adverse effects, suitable for acute pains such as post-operative, but absolutely contraindicated for chronic pain. And yet, opiates are routinely prescribed for chronic pain, causing mayhem, death, destruction of individual lives and society with an epidemic of opiate addiction.

So why, you might ask, is the safer, more effective use of cannabis proscribed in so many countries? Why, in Australia, may I prescribe cannabis only through a complex special prescriber scheme, and first by justifying why I should not prescribe a heroin derivative?

I put a simple call out on YouTube, which you can find here:

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