Update – Developments

I have been away for while, but certainly not inactive. As you all know, my passion is for wellness. Yes, I love being technical, making a diagnosis, working out mechanisms that drive illness, finding solutions – I am a doctor.

But … that is just not enough. Finding the cause is important, essential. Rather than putting a plaster on a symptom – say raised blood pressure, why not find the cause of that raised BP and remove it? You know it makes sense.

And yet this is not really mainstream medicine. Which is why I am a bit of a maverick. Or, as I prefer to call myself, a heretic. It sounds kind of “special”. To that end, I wish to make clear to a larger public the options that lie within reach to regain and improve wellness.

Welcome to my new website of Elysian Wellness!

You can enter here so feel free to browse. I appreciate all feedback, so please feel free also to comment, post your ideas and suggestions. Keep me held accountable!

Also, and you may already have noticed this, my Regaining Wellness page has changed. Or at least it will change once I finish editing and uploading. I will elaborate more on this.

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