Three Levels of Medical Care

I did not know how best to title this blog post. Medical Care is surely a spectrum from a mother’s kiss-it-better to the most complicated cutting-edge scientific management of a rare disease. And to a degree you are of course correct.

When I sit in front of a patient I am confronted by three levels of complexity. These levels are:

  1. Orthodox medical approach
  2. Functional medical approach
  3. Bioenergetic medical approach

The orthodox approach is what passes for “normal” medicine. The medicine we learn in medical school, and by which a doctor is measured within the medical community. We listen to the symptoms, examine for signs, test for indicators in blood or other substances, image using ultrasound, X-Ray, CT/MRI or a myriad of other really cool instruments. We make a diagnosis and proceed to outline the recommend treatments. A medical practitioner is examined for these approaches, and landing outside of the terms of accepted normal can land us in difficulty.

The functional approach can be used much like the orthodox approach. We have different laboratory tools. We look, for example, very much more closely at the thyroid parameters than is usual in orthodox medicine. The usual simple TSH in orthodox medicine is used to assess a complex feedback system of thyroid hormone regulation. No need, we are told, to check anything else for this screening measure. A functional medical specialist will tell you that measuring just one part of a complex feedback system is stupid. We like to see the T4 and much better check the T3 as well as reverse T3. That is because the simple measure just does NOT cover the many cases where a normal TSH masks a functionally underactive thyroid with a lot of rT3, or where the patient may be biochemically euthyroid but clinically hypothyroid. Orthodox endocrinologists dislike functional medicine specialists. In fact most doctors dislike us because we think differently.

But still that approach is not really functional medicine. While we can supply T3 and regulate the thyroid better, a true functional medicine specialist will look for a cause of thyroid dysfunction. Autoimmune? What is upsetting the immune system? Is the gut functioning well? Is there a need to look at progesterone levels, and if so, only a Dutch Test will suffice. This approach really upsets a lot of doctors. And this approach is applied to every aspect of medicine. What is the cause of a problem, and can we address that underlying cause?

Given a little discussion, however, most reasonable doctors will agree that the scientific basis of functional medicine can be understood and, while not adapting that system, will nevertheless not actively stand in our way.

The bioenergetic medical approach is quite another beast.

To grasp this third layer of medical care, we have to understand the basis on which it is built. It is built on the understanding that our current reality is not as real as we think it is.

I know, this sounds weird, but listen closely. If you carry on the process begun centuries ago by enquiring minds, note that the earliest medical pioneers saw a human body and the illnesses and injuries suffered. They only recently began to break the body down into understandable components. Anatomy showed structure. Microscopes were invented and showed microscopic structure. Physiology and biochemistry delved more deeply into the function of organs and systems. Electron microscopes showed the structure of viruses. Now we can peer into actual atoms to understand structure. And then we look deeper into the subatomic structure and discover that, unlike the knowledge I obtained in school, the fundamental particle of existence is not a group of protons and neutrons, but rather a complex group and subgroup of subatomic particles that even at the level of baryons show a smaller structure. And when we break that down yet further, the fundamental structure of existence – of all existence – is an electromagnetic wave.

So technically you, I and all of existence are a distortion of the space-time continuum. Energy, coalesced into a fluctuating state of existence that has, amazingly, been physically observed using the LIGO – large interferometer gravitational-wave observatory.

Again, I know this sounds weird. Einstein suggested that reality may just be a very persistent illusion. But if this is the case, and I submit it is, then restricting our medical treatment to a 3-D model where we are actually a 4-D entity is leaving us bereft of opportunities.

Is there any practical application of this science to our current medical options? If you are prepared to be chastised and censured, then yes. If you make plain to your patients that this is really outside acceptable medical discourse, and they proceed knowing that most others regard this as sham, placebo-invoking charlatanism, then we can look at options for cancer and other currently poorly managed conditions such as motor neurone disease or Lyme disease. Options such as Rife machines. Biophilia tracker or Hunter Metatron.

We have a problem though. Because the science is so … challenging, and because we have little acceptance from orthodox or even functional medicine practitioners, the field is open to charlatans and fraudsters. Beware when you tread this vale. But tread it we must. If not now, then soon.

So what do I do? I offer all three levels. But I generally withold the third level except for those who show an interest in delving deeper. Such patients have generally tried the first two levels and found much yet to improve. Will this help them? Some yes. Some no. There is no-one with an answer to everything. Unless, of course, you are the prime minister, in which case apparently you know everything.

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