About Dr. Walker

If you search online for “Brian Walker” you find a lot of hits. Hardly any of them apply to me. I was born in Malaysia to Scottish parents – my father settled in the Far East rather than return to Scotland after flying as a fighter pilot in Burma in WWII. I followed his example for adventurous living.

At the age of 13 I knew I wanted to be a doctor, but by 15 I was bottom of my class in school in Australia because I spent all of my time on the beach as a surf lifesaver. Taken to Scotland at 16 rather than volunteer for Vietnam, I succeeded in entering medical school, and on qualifying left to settle in Germany. The home of homeopathy taught me that modern medicine lacks in fairly basic concepts, such as caring about the cause of disease, and I grew into more heretical ideas for wellness, rather than naming a disease and prescribing a tablet.

The Soviet Union beckoned, as there were no specialists in general practice, but I lasted one year before retiring defeated to the UK, from where I once again escaped, this time to Hong Kong. Twelve years later my wife suggested it was time to settle down, so I returned to Perth in WA.

While I am a specialist GP, I thought about a career in cardiology, but my passion is for wellness. Physical, mental and social wellness is not enough though. It is true that most disease begins in the gut, and we can speak about environmental allergens, epigenetics and the politics of a polluted world. But that also is not enough. The human body is more than a 3-D collection of cells, but rather is a miraculous creation that, if you ascribe to quantum theories of existence, is the expression of an electromagnetic wave. We are a distortion of the space-time continuum, here for a limited time, and carrying within us a mind that exists after death. That is the wellness to which I am committed.

I live in Fremantle with my wife and two sons from this marriage, the proud father of three other offspring, and still dream of sailing off into the sunset with a traditional hulled sailing boat.